Technical Support and Services

AVtech is an independent, dependable, technical oriented, innovate and agile provider and we are in business of providing customized and customer refocused service and solutions. The objectives of our clients are at the core of everything we do. Our highly experienced consultants act as an extension of your team, integrating seamlessly to deliver the technical expertise and support you need. Our professional and independent Technical Consultants provide comprehensive, full-lifecycle product support. Services include: aircraft inspections, lease returns, transitions, maintenance event management, airworthiness assessment and technical due diligence for aircraft delivery and redelivery and maintenance events.

Our Technical Consultants provide objective oversight for heavy maintenance, retrofits, alteration/modification and other types of maintenance. Our particular approach and clear communication throughout every stage of the process ensures adherence to quality standards, project scope, schedule, deliverables and the budget.

— Aircraft Maintenance Visits assessment and work scope definition (including Maintenance Visit Index)
— Sourcing suitable providers including RFP management
— Contract and price negotiation support
— Management of Contract execution with the AMO
— Onsite technical representation during maintenance & until the aircraft release to service
— Management and follow up on Maintenance Warranty with the AMO

Frequently the most commercially sensitive aspect of any leasing transaction, redelivery can significantly impact both profit and the relationship between parties. Our team expertly facilitates efficient Lease Terms, Asset Returns, Recovery and Transitions, mitigating unnecessary expenditure related to redelivery conditions or delayed returns.

— Management of Aircraft /Engine/ Landing Gears/Components Lease.
— Management of Aircraft /Engine/ Landing Gears/Components Records preparation for Lease
— Provisioning of Manpower to arrange the records to meet the Lease terms
— Physical & Records Inspection to match with the lease terms

Our technical experts have years of experience working for reputable Airlines/ MRO’s and CAMOs’ and are your best support to ensure compliance with all regulatory and industry standards and safe operation.

— Provide the Engineering Technical Services Support in terms applicable regulatory framework
— Preparation of the Maintenance Program under the customer approval
— Preparation of the Aircraft MEL under the customer approval
— Management of Maintenance Program compliance and Maintenance Forecast
— Maintenance & Reliability Analysis Program Management

— Provide the required pre-assessment as per the applicable authority requirements
— Gap Analysis of the MRO /Airline status against the regulatory requirements and management of the implementation plan
— MRO/ Airline process Engineering/ Reengineering
— Facility Design and provisioning of equipment’s.
— Authoring of the MRO /Airline Manuals/ Documentation to meet the authority requirements
— Sourcing of the required qualified and competent staff
— Support of the MRO /Airline through the certification phase

Lenders and financiers worldwide recognize the importance of high quality and reliable onsite technical inspections and records audits. Using our certified engineers, well competent engineering personnel; we assess the quality of acquisition targets, as well as the condition of owned or leased assets.

— Mid-lease inspections
— Pre-purchase inspections
— Pre-delivery inspections
— Re-Delivery inspections
— Records audits
— Records digitalization