AVTECH for Information Technology

As the Digital Transformation is the KEY of today’s success, AVtech for Information technology solutions is there to help and assist aviation companies to digitize Data, digitalize work processes, and Protect Digital Assets by adoption of the proper technologies to keep operations smooth adapting business and processes to make the most of profitable technology investments. We @ Avtech can help you to identify your Cybersecurity Posture and devise your Cyber Security Strategy and Program, in addition, we offers you the Digital Transformation solutions in addition to customized solutions according to your requirements

AVTECH for Information technology solutions

for Information Technology

The All-in-One Document Management System For Aviation Professionals

Edit, distribute and monitor your manuals with our partner’s authoring & compliance software for aviation. Their Web Manuals Store is available for all of our customers to easily add products. Subscribe to compliance libraries, purchase template manuals and request services such as managed manuals and compliance linking to create the most valuable compliance software for aviation. For more information aviation.manuals@avtechjo.com


With the huge Cloud capable system available, AVtech Solution provides you with:

— Storage of data with high Security, Availability, and Accessibility is now in hands.
— Encrypted Data Vaults for data and Backups with guaranteed data privacy is also there.

Records Management System (RMS)

Records keeping is a key need for Aviation companies, for that we uniquely understand the requirements upon which our system is built to fit your expectations and maintain your records safe and available all the time.

Our system capable for:
— Advanced access permissions
— File access Auditing
— Protection against intended / unintended deletion
— Workflows, Approvals and Revisions
— Indexing and Tagging
— Advanced search

Disaster Recovery Sites

As the world is tending to be safe against any abnormal circumstances including data loss, we at Avtech are delighted to confirm our Cloud Services capability to host your systems for Disaster Recovery and/or High Availability of your services via our Cloud Servers (VPS, Bare Metal, Dedicated), Database Engines (SQL, MySQL, pgSQL, MS SQL) and Operating Systems (Windows Server 2012-2022, All distributions of Linux).

Team Work IT Tools

To facilitate the most convenient working environment for your teams despite their physical location; we @ Avtech have the required cloud tools that enables you team to work through an online solution that allows each team member to access the data base having the required permissions to Online File Editing (Text, Sheet, Presentations, Drawings, Multimedia, and Diagrams), File Sharing, Team Conferencing, Groupware (Groups and Circles) , Task Management, Take Notes, and more options.

Aviation HR Solutions

To be unique and project-oriented entity; Avtech has developed the HR solution considering the aviation processes where the system has been customized to fit the requirements of all company departments to keep the manpower data up to date by concerned people and in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Adoption of Digitalization makes Aviation Cybersecurity a key priority. As if the digitalization approach not protected well at all levels that will raise new unknown cyber vulnerabilities. AVtech has its own approach to identify cyber vulnerabilities, prepare and implement countermeasures to protect your business.

AVtech Cybersecurity Framework

Our Aviation Cybersecurity services are based on IATA Cybersecurity framework, and aligned with ICAO Cybersecurity Strategy and relevant standards and Recommendations (SARPs) such as Annex 17 – Security. Furthermore, it complies with IATA IOSA Standard Manual (ISM) SEC 4.1.1 Security Section that was effective in September 2021.